Discus Fish (Symphysodon): Ultimate Care Guide

One of the most beautiful and popular aquarium fish is the freshwater fish known as the discus fish, or Symphysodon aequifasciatus (blue discus or brown discus), S. discus (red discus or heckle discus), and S. tarzoo (green discus), depending on the color. Discus fish go by other common names such as pompadour fish and king of the aquarium. Discovered in 1840, the discus fish have a numerous amounts of subspecies under their belt. They come from the Amazon river basin in South America. The blue discus tends to be native to the eastern Amazon basin, while the green discus is native to the western Amazon basin, and the red discus is native to the Rio Negro area. Discus fish prefer to live in floodplains with other living organisms and plants. Therefore, discus fish really love clean, filtered water with a somewhat busy tank life.