Rainbow Shark (Epalzeorhynchos frenatum)

Rainbow Shark: Care, Size, Tank Mates, Tank Size & Food

Rainbow Sharks are incredibly sensitive and aquarists must be vigilant when it comes to ensuring their water quality remains superb. This species can easily become distressed if water parameters drop or spike without warning, making the Rainbow Shark even more aggressive, which can be a problem if it lives in a community tank. Rainbow Sharks need well-oxygenated, soft water that mimics its native habitat, therefore a hardness level of 3 to 14 dKH is ideal. As a general rule, a pH between 6 to 8 is best, however hobbyists should aim for the middle of this range. Ammonia and Nitrite levels must be kept at 0 ppm, because even 2ppm can cause disease and stress for Rainbow Sharks. Nitrate levels should never exceed 20ppm. Their water ought to remain clean, with weekly cycles of 20% to 30%.