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Betta Macrostoma

Betta Macrostoma Care Guide: Tank Setup, Size & Breeding

Betta Macrostoma, also known as the Spotfin Betta or the Brunei Beauty, is one of the rarest betta fish in the fish-keeping realm. The betta fish requires specialized care to maintain and enhance overall well-being. This guide will provide you with expert information and instructions regarding optimal environment, proper nutrition, and successful breeding.

Betta Mahachaiensis

Betta Mahachaiensis (Betta Mahachai): Ultimate Care Guide

The betta mahachaiensis is a wild species from the betta family. It is a tropical fish that originates from the Samut Sakhon Province in Thailand, which is southwest of Bangkok. It is a newly discovered fish, found recently in 2012, and there isn’t as much information on them as other fish since scientists are still studying all about them. The betta mahachaiensis live in stagnant brackish and fresh waters such as ponds, swamps and pools. They are actually hard to catch and find due to their habitat.