Aquarium Stand Guide

If you are purchasing a new aquarium, there is a good chance that you are looking for an aquarium stand to go with it. Aquarium stands may seem only secondary to the main aquarium tank. However, keep in mind that the aquarium stand serves as the foundation of your aquarium tank. A quality aquarium stand will maintain its structure for the entire lifetime of the aquarium. In addition to comprising the foundation of a tank, an aquarium stand serves many other functions.

Functions of an Aquarium Stand

First, an aquarium stand holds the tank up to eye level. Most aquariums are designed to be viewed at eye-level. If it was placed directly on the floor, it would be more difficult to observe the fish inside of it. An aquarium placed on the floor would end up being more like a pond instead.

Second, aquarium stands provides storage space. Many aquarium stands are designed as storage cabinet. This allows aquarists to store their aquarium maintenance supply, such as buckets and nets. Some stands can store external aquarium filters such as canister filters and sump tanks. Without an aquarium stand, they would be required to install these components next to the tank, which would take up lots of space.

Third, aquarium stands are great for aesthetics. An aquarium can be a great centerpiece of a room. However, to make it a great centerpiece, it must fit into the room. The aquarium stand will help bring the aquarium into the home as a piece of furniture. Many of the unsightly electrical wires and tubes can be hidden inside the aquarium stand as well.

Aquarium Stand

Types of Aquarium Stands

Before you purchase your aquarium stand, it is a good idea to know what is available on the market. There are many different types of aquarium stands, ranging from different materials to different designs.

Wood Aquarium Stand

Wood aquarium stands are the most popular types of aquarium stands. The popularity of wooden material is due to the lower cost and versatility. The lower cost can be an advantage if you are looking for a budget aquarium stand. However, keep in mind that some aquarium stands are built to meet only the minimum weight requirements. If you are given the option, choose a quality aquarium stand built from strong wood such as plywood. If the aquarium stand is made of MDF or particle board, be aware that it is more susceptible to water damage. If you intend to keep a sump tank inside the aquarium stand, the humidity may damage the particle board material over time. If you are installing a sump tank, investing in stronger material such as plywood or metal cabinets may be a good idea.

Another reason why wood aquarium stands are popular is because of their versatile design. Wood aquarium stand cabinets are available in many different designs and finishes. If you want to make sure the aquarium blends in with the aesthetics of your room, wooden aquarium stands may be the option for you.

Metal Aquarium Stand

Metal aquarium stands are another popular type of aquarium stand. The advantage of metal aquarium stands is their strength. Fully welded iron aquarium stands can be one of the strongest aquarium stands you can buy. However, one disadvantage to metal aquarium stands is that they are often sold as bare stands without cabinets. If the aquarium stand does not have a cabinet, it may be difficult to store your equipment under the tank. At the very least, it may be unsightly. Adding an aquarium stand skirt may help cover the equipment that is stored below the tank.

Bowfront Aquarium Stand

If you have a bowfront aquarium, you will need an aquarium stand can accommodate the shape of the aquarium. For a flush finish, the best option is to purchase the bowfront tank and stand together. This way, you will not be forced to search for a stand that fits the exact shape of your aquarium later on. If you can not find the right design, you may need to place a custom order or build your own.

Double Aquarium Stand

Double aquarium stands are great if you wish to keep multiple tanks. It helps save space, so if you do not have enough room for a second tank, this may be the option for you. Since most double aquarium stands are cheaper than the cost of buying two aquarium stands, this can be a budget friendly option as well.

However, keep in mind that there are some potential disadvantages to a double aquarium stand as well. Since the second tank on the bottom will be positioned on a lower frame, it can be difficult to view the fish inside of it without bending down. Maintenance can be a challenge if there is not enough space above the bottom tank. Therefore, moving larger decorations and fish into or out of the bottom tank may be a challenge. Another potential disadvantage to double aquarium stands is that they are more accessible to pets and small children. They may be tempted to reach into the tank.

Lastly, keep in mind that a double aquarium stand must be built well. Since it is going to be supporting two tanks, the structure must be solid. For larger aquariums, make sure that your floor will support the weight of the aquariums as well.

Aquarium Stand with Wheels

While this is not a popular concept, some aquarists install wheels on their aquarium stands. This allows them to move their aquariums during maintenance or making new installations. Without the ability to move aquariums, you would most likely be required to rebuild the entire aquarium each time. Even with the wheels, you may still be required to remove a significant portion of the water from the tank. Aquariums should be moved with caution, because they are top heavy. Lastly, when the aquarium is not being moved, it should be fixed in place so it does not move unintentionally.

Custom Aquariums offer aquarium caster carts of various sizes. These wheels are designed to be installed permanently on the bottom of the aquarium stand.


What is the Best Aquarium Stand?

The best aquarium stand for most people are aquarium stands by Imagitarium. They are all purpose built aquarium stands and they will support the weight of an aquarium properly. They are designed with a simple modern look to fit into any home seamlessly. They offer various designs, but the bare aquarium stands without the cabinets are the most affordable option.

This is a list of some of the aquarium stands that are offered by Imagitarium. These are the most simple stands that they offer, which has no cabinets. These are also one of the most affordable options on the market.

55 Gallon Aquarium Stand

This 55 gallon metal aquarium stand by Imagitarium will hold an aquarium with the dimension of 48 x 13 inches.

40 Gallon Aquarium Stand

This 40 gallon metal aquarium stand by Imagitarium will hold an aquarium with the dimension of 36 x 18 inches.

29 Gallon Aquarium Stand

This 29 gallon metal aquarium stand by Imagitarium will hold an aquarium with the dimension of 30 x 12 inches.

20 Gallon Aquarium Stand

This 20 gallon wood aquarium stand by Imagitarium will hold an aquarium with the dimension of 24 x 12 inches.

10 Gallon Aquarium Stand

This 10 gallon wood aquarium stand by Imagitarium will hold an aquarium with the dimension of 20 x 10 inches.

Are there Alternatives to Aquarium Stands?

There are many alternatives to an aquarium stand such as generic shelving solutions. Heavy duty shelving units built for industrial use is recommended because it is able to support the weight. Be sure to check the manufacturer for the supported weight limit. Floating shelves and wall mounted shelves are not recommended because they will most likely be unable to withstand the weight of the aquarium.

Furniture such as bookshelves and TV stands may be used as alternatives for an aquarium stand, if they are able to withstand the weight. Keep in mind that aquariums can be much heavier than they appear. Even a small 10 gallon aquarium weighs over 100 lbs. If you have a small aquarium such as a nano aquarium, you may have no issues placing it on top of an ordinary shelf. However, the larger the aquarium, the more careful you have to be. For most people who owns a larger aquarium, purpose built aquarium stands are more practical. In addition, keep in mind that the aquarium is constantly releasing humidity. If your bookshelf is made of material such as particle board, you should be very cautious. Not only are they structurally weaker than other material, they are susceptible to water and humidity damage as well.

How to Level an Aquarium Stand?

In order to level and aquarium stand, you must tap wooden shims into the base of the aquarium stand. First, use a spirit level to identify which side of the aquarium stand is not level. Once the sunken side of the tank is identified, tap the wooden shim into the base of the aquarium stand gently with a rubber mallet. This shim should slide right in, especially if you have a carpet floor. In order to distribute the weight evenly, multiple shims should be used. Once the shims are tapped in place, cut off or break off the excess shim. Be sure to check if the aquarium is level after the tank is filled with water as well. If the weight of the water caused the aquarium to be not level, repeat the process.

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