Cabomba Aquatica: Ultimate Plant Care Guide

Scientific NameCabomba Aquatica
OriginSouth America
Temperature68F to 82F
Water Parameters6.0 – 7.5 pH
Growth Sizeup to 31 inches
Cabomba Aquatica
Cabomba Aquatica

Cabomba Aquatica Facts

Cabomba Aquatica is native to shallow waters, ditches, and streams in South America. They can be found growing in the slow moving waters with their little flowers poking above the surface of the water.

Cabomba Aquatica have what are known as filigree leaves. These leaves have an almost feather appearance when they are in the water. Cabomba Aquatica has bright green leafage, and is well suited for larger aquariums. If they are being cared for properly, Cabomba Aquatica will produce flowers that grow above the water line. These little flowers are yellow and have petals that are somewhat laid out in the shape of a star.

The green variety of this plant can be found fairly easily, but the red variety is more rare and harder to find as well as being more difficult to grow in the home aquarium.

Cabomba Aquatica Care

Cabomba Aquatica are considered to be extremely easy to care for and will live and thrive in a wide range of water conditions and setups. Cabomba Aquatica has to be grown completely submerged, but if well cared for the plant will grow flowers above the water line. They are a great choice for beginners of keeping aquatic plants as they are tolerant of a wide variety of water parameters and do not require fertilizer or intense lighting.

Do Cabomba Aquatica Need to be Planted in Substrate?

Cabomba Aquatica needs a substrate to grow and anchor itself onto. The best substrate for this plant is soil. It is important that Cabomba Aquatica is planted in soil that is nutrient dense and kept in water that is clean. It is a good idea to use products in your water after your water changes to put additional nutrients into the water for the plant.

Lighting Requirement

Cabomba Aquatica requires only moderate amounts of lighting to grow and thrive in the home aquarium. If you are planting cuttings of the plant, they will do best with slightly elevated lighting. Too much lighting will make the plant stems turn yellowish.


Cabomba Aquatica can handle temperatures that range from 68F to 82F. This wider range makes them a versatile plant that can do well in most freshwater aquarium setups, and great for beginners to the aquascaping hobby.

Water pH

Cabomba Aquatica requires a pH level of around 6.0 to 7.5 pH to grow and thrive.

Growth Rate

Cabomba Aquatica can grow up to an inch per day under the right conditions. It is a fast growing plant that can reach a maximum size of around 31 inches in length. It is important that you have a plan in place to keep your Cabomba Aquatica submerged in the appropriate sized tank, or have a plan to trim the plant down to the size that you need. If allowed to grow, and in the right conditions, Cabomba Aquatica will produce flowers that grow above the water line.

Growth Height

Cabomba Aquatica can grow quite quickly, and reach a maximum size of around 31 inches. These plants require full submersion to grow, and care should be taken to make sure that you have either enough room for them to reach their full potential, or a plan to trim them regularly. Plants that stick out above the water will do poorly.

Cabomba Aquatica
Cabomba Aquatica

CO2 Requirement

Cabomba Aquatica does not require CO2 injections to grow and thrive, but they will not hurt the plant if they are given properly. It does, however, require a moderate amount of lighting, and a clean environment to grow and thrive.

Propagating Cabomba Aquatica

If you wish to propagate your Cabomba Aquatica you will be able to do so without much effort. They are fairly easily propagated with a small 2 inch cutting that you plant back into the substrate where you wish your plant to grow. Small cuttings require a little more light to help them get started on their growth, but too much lighting will harm the plant and the cuttings. Cuttings of Cabomba Aquatica do not require fertilization to grow and thrive. Too much lighting can cause the plant to turn yellow and become unhealthy.

Do Cabomba Aquatica Flower?

If kept under the right conditions, your Cabomba Aquatica plant will flower. The flowers of the plant will grow out of the water when they are ready to bloom. These flowers are small and yellow in color. The petals of the flower are somewhat star shaped and tiny.

Where Can I Find Cabomba Aquatica for Sale?

If you are looking to purchase Cabomba Aquatica for your home aquarium, you will be able to find it for sale in some aquarium hobby niche stores, and from plant nurseries online. You can expect to pay around $9 for a small plant. The price goes up for larger specimens.

Cabomba Aquatica VS Cabomba Caroliniana

Cabomba Aquatica and Cabomba Caroliniana are very similar plants in their care, and their structure. They both are considered hardy plants that are great for the home aquarium, and add a bright pop of color to your aquascaping. The main difference in these two plants can be found in the coloration of their stems. The Cabomba Caroliniana has a reddish coloration to the stem of the plant while the Cabomba Aquatica does not.

Cabomba Aquatica VS Limnophila Sessiliflora

In Cabomba Aquatica plants, their leaves are grown in an alternating way, and in the Limnophila Sessiliflora, the leaves grow in a paired way along the stemming of the plant. It is suggested that the Cabomba Aquatica is not as sturdy as the Limnophila Sessiliflora, but they are both fairly hardy. Limnophila Sessiliflora are a much brighter green coloration than the Cabomba Aquatica.

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