leopard frog pleco

Leopard Frog Pleco (L134): Care, Size, Breeding & Tank Size

Leopard Frog Plecos (Peckoltia compta) have dark colored bodies with yellow stripes that goes along their entire body. As the fish mature, the bright yellow stripes on their body tends to turn into the darker hue. As they mature, the stripe pattern tend to turn into spots as well. Regardless of their pattern formation, a healthy fish should have a vibrant coloration. Fish that appear washed out could indicate that they are stressed or is unhealthy. They have small compact bodies and long fins that are partially translucent at the ends.

Sailfin Pleco (Pterygoplichthys gibbiceps): Ultimate Care Guide

Sailfin Pleco may seem appealing for many aquarists, regardless of skill level. Their unique pattern makes them a popular choice. When considering the addition of a fish to a tank, or a first-time purchase of a fish and a tank, one must always consider the ease of raising their preferred species. The size of a fully-grown Sailfin Pleco is the biggest hurdle one must cross when owning one.