Cryptocoryne Beckettii: Ultimate Care Guide

Scientific NameCryptocoryne Beckettii
Common NameWater Trumpet
Temperature73F – 79F
Water Parameters5.0 – 8.0 pH
LightingLow to Medium
Max Growth Heightup to 6 inches

Cryptocoryne Beckettii can be found in the wilds of Sri Lanka, where it thrives in freshwater springs and moderately flowing rivers. Like other species of Cryptocoryne plants, Cryptocoryne Beckettii is a hardy plant that can easily tolerate a wider range of water parameters. They are often chosen for the home aquarium for this reason.

Cryptocoryne Beckettii are often called Water Trumpets due to the way that their leaves grow and droop over. Its leaves and their growth pattern can more easily identify Cryptocoryne Beckettii. The leaves of the Cryptocoryne Beckettii are larger and more olive green in color compared to other species, but the plant itself is not very tall.

Cryptocoryne Beckettii
Cryptocoryne Beckettii. Edited. Krzysztof Ziarnek, Kenraiz, CC BY-SA 4.0

Cryptocoryne Beckettii Care

Cryptocoryne Beckettii are considered an easy plant to care for in the home aquarium due to its ability to tolerate a wider range of water parameters, temperature, and lighting. They do not require special lighting or need to be regularly fertilized. However, like most other plant species, they benefit from extra attention.

Do Cryptocoryne Beckettii Need to be Planted in Substrate?

Cryptocoryne Becketti do require a more specialized substrate to reach their maximum potential growth height. Like other species of Cryptocoryne, the Cryptocoryne Beckettii does not tolerate replanting very well. It is best to find a spot for your plant that is permanent. It is fairly easy to propagate, so if you wish to add more Cryptocoryne to your aquarium, you can do it easily.

Lighting Requirement

Cryptocoryne Beckettii do best when kept in low to moderate lighting. They can tolerate higher levels of light for only a few hours a day, but if they are kept in high-intensity lighting, the leaves of the plant may begin to suffer.


The temperature range for the Cryptocoryne Beckettii is not as wide as other species of this plant, but they can safely tolerate temperatures at a range of 73F to 79F. The important thing to remember for your Cryptocoryne Beckettii plant is to keep their temperatures consistent. Huge changes in water conditions can cause your plant to suffer and rot.

Water pH

Cryptocoryne Beckettii is perhaps the most tolerant species of Cryptocoryne plants. They can tolerate 5.0 to 8.0 pH. Just like with their water temperature requirements, the key to this plant’s happiness and longevity is consistency with how they are kept. Huge changes in how they are housed can cause damage to the plant, stunt its growth, or kill it off completely.

Growth Rate

Cryptocoryne Beckettii does not take long to reach its maximum growth and full maturity. Cryptocoryne Becketti are considered fully mature at around 3 to 6 months of age and around 6 inches in height.

Growth Height

Cryptocoryne Beckettii is a shorter species of Cryptocoryne plant. At full maturity, the plant only grows roughly 6 inches in height. The leaves of this plant flop over and droop once they reach this height. This makes them a great choice for aquariums that house fish that like to hide.

Cryptocoryne Beckettii. Edited. Photo by David J. Stang, CC BY-SA 4.0

CO2 Requirement

Cryptocoryne requires CO2 injections to thrive in the home aquarium and soil with the correct amount of nutrients. This is especially important if you are growing your Cryptocoryne Beckettii partially submerged and want it to flower.


Cryptocoryne Beckettii is an easy-to-propagate species of Cryptocoryne. If you wish to propagate this plant, you can simply plant some cuttings, and they will grow roots and anchor themselves into the substrate eventually. They do not take long to do this, and under the right conditions, you can have an aquarium full of Cryptocoryne Beckettii in no time.

Do Cryptocoryne Beckettii Grow on Wood?

Species of Cryptocoryne plants do not grow on wood or rocks in the aquarium. They are a rooting species that sends runners and roots into the substrate to gather nutrients to help them grow. They can grow in sand, gravel, or soil, but they must be planted in the substrate for the health of their roots.

Where Can I Find Cryptocoryne Beckettii for Sale?

If you want to purchase Cryptocoryne Beckettii for your home aquarium, you can easily find it for sale in stores and online for around $7 per plant. The price of the plant will depend on its size, but it should not vary by that much.

Cryptocoryne Beckettii Types

Here are the different types of Cryptocoryne Beckettii.

Cryptocoryne Beckettii Petchii

This Cryptocoryne Beckettii species has slightly more fluted leaves and a darker green. These leaves do not droop over, and Cryptocoryne Beckettii Petchii tends to grow slightly larger than its counterpart.

These plants may look different, but they both share the same requirements for care and are very hardy by nature. They also do not do well with replanting, so it is best to pick a permanent spot from the beginning for this plant. Replanted Cryptocoryne Beckettii will suffer and even rot from the shock of being replanted.

Cryptocoryne Beckettii Petchii Pink

This variation of the Cryptocoryne Beckettii plant is identified and named for the coloration of its leaves. The leaves can vary in color from pinkish to pinkish brown. This striking pink coloration makes it a popular choice for home aquariums as it gives a pop of color and a great contrast against a green background of other plants. Like other variations of this plant, the Cryptocoryne Beckettii Petchii Pink is hardy and can tolerate a wide range of water parameters.

Cryptocoryne Beckettii Viridifolia

Cryptocoryne Beckettii Viridifolia is the green-colored variation of this plant. It grows its leaves in a more dense cluster. Much like its other variations, Cryptocoryne Beckettii Viridifolia is a hardy plant that can tolerate a wide range of water parameters and still thrive in the home aquarium.

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