Cryptocoryne Spiralis: Ultimate Care Guide

Scientific NameCryptocoryne Spiralis
Temperature65F to 75F
Water Parameters6.0 – 8.0 pH
LightingLow to Moderate
Max Growth Height10 to 24 inches

Cryptocoryne Spiralis can be found in its natural habitat in India. It grows in many places and is hardy enough to even grow in rice fields. It is most easily identified by the shape and coloration of its leaves. The leaves grow out to be long and spindly. They can grow into varying shades of green depending on the conditions in which they are kept. Owners of this plant suggest that you do not uproot and replant Cryptocoryne Spiralis as it can cause the plant to decline rapidly. There are a few different color variations of Cryptocoryne Spiralis that all have similar requirements for care.

Cryptocoryne Spiralis
Cryptocoryne Spiralis

Cryptocoryne Spiralis Care

Cryptocoryne Spirialis is a hardy plant that is able to tolerate a wide range of water parameters and lighting without issue. Still, it should be noted that this plant does best when allowed to remain in the same spot it was initially planted in. Owners of Cryptocoryne Spiralis report that moving the plant can cause it to rot and wilt. Unstable water parameters will cause Cryptocoryne Spiralis to decline as well rapidly. It is important to ensure that you are monitoring your water parameters for the health of your plants and your aquarium fish.

Do Cryptocoryne Spiralis Need Substrate?

Cryptocoryne Spiralis needs to be planted in a substrate to grow. They can be planted in sand, soil, or gravel. The substrate allows their roots to anchor and helps the plant become more stable. They are easy to propagate as well. If you find yourself with cuttings of this plant, try planting them into the substrate to grow new plants.

Lighting Requirement

Cryptocoryne Spiralis does not have a special lighting requirement, but like other species in the Cryptocoryne grouping, the amount of lighting will affect their growth and leaves. Low lighting is fine for the plant, but moderate to high lighting levels will help the plant grow much larger. Be careful to give the plant too much lighting, as it may have adverse effects on the growth of the plant.


Cryptocoryne Spiralis is a hardy plant, and it is able to tolerate a wider range of temperatures. They are recommended to be kept in the range of 65F to 75F to thrive. This makes it a great addition to the home aquarium as it will work well with many species of fish.

Water pH

Cryptocoryne Spiralis can tolerate water in the 6.0 to 8.0 pH range. Even though they are highly tolerant with their water parameters, they do not do well with widely shifting water parameters. It is said that they do not do well being replanted for this reason. Cryptocoryne Spiralis Plants that are shocked in this way will experience decline and begin to rot.

Cryptocoryne Spiralis in Fish Tank

Growth Rate

Cryptocoryne Spiralis have a rather fast growth rate. They can reach up to 24 inches in the roughly 6 months that it takes the plant to mature. Owners of Cryptocoryne Spiralis say that their conditions play a huge part in their maximum growth.

Growth Height

Cryptocoryne Spiralis have a much larger maximum growth height than other species of Cryptocoryne. In optimum conditions they can grow up to 24 inches at full maturity.

CO2 Requirement

Like other species of Cryptocoryne, Cryptocoryne Spiralis does not require CO2 injections to grow and thrive. However, more attention can help the plant grow to its maximum height and coloration. It is important to note that this plant, much like other species of Cryptocoryne plants, does not do well when being replanted. They are highly tolerable of water parameters, but largely shifting water parameters will shock the plant and cause it to rot.


Cryptocoryne Spiralis is an easy plant to propagate. If you are trimming your plant to keep it a certain desired length, you can simply replant the trimmings. They will then root and grow into their own plant.

Where Can I Find Cryptocoryne Spiralis for Sale?

If you are looking to purchase Cryptocoryne Spiralis for your own home aquarium, you will easily be able to find it for sale in stores, and online. You can expect to pay around $8 per plant, but the price will vary depending on the size of the plant.

Cryptocoryne Spiralis Types

Here are the different types of Cryptocoryne Spiralis.

Cryptocoryne Spiralis swaying in the current in an aquarium
Cryptocoryne Spiralis

Cryptocoryne Spiralis Tiger

Cryptocoryne Spiralis Tiger is a variation of the Cryptocoryne Spiralis plant that is identified by its almost tiger-striped leaves. This variation sports leaves that are brownish-orange with streaks of dark green. The leaves of this variation are slightly wider and shorter than the leaves of Cryptocoryne Spiralis.

Cryptocoryne Spiralis Red

Cryptocoryne Spiralis Red refers to another variation of the Cryptocoryne Spiralis plant that is also identified by the coloration of the leaves. The reddish coloration of the Cryptocoryne Spiralis Red plant leaves are slightly more curled. This variation is increasing in popularity for home aquariums and is often sold out online.

Cryptocoryne Spiralis Green

Cryptocoryne Spiralis Green simply refers to the version of this plant that has green foliage. Other variations of this plant have colors to their leaves that help them stand out, but this type of Cryptocoryne Spiralis is no less beautiful and hardy.

Cryptocoryne Spiralis VS Cryptocoryne Retrospiralis

Both Cryptocoryne Spiralis and Cryptocoryne Retrospiralis are similar in their care requirements and growth rate. They have similar coloration and plant identifiers. The best way to tell these plants from one another is by looking at their leaves. The leaves of the Cryptocoryne Retrospiralis are narrower than those of the Cryptocoryne Spiralis. Both variations are popular for their hardy nature and minimal care requirements.

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