Cryptocoryne Undulata: The Ultimate Care Guide

Scientific NameCryptocoryne Undulata
OriginSoutheast Asia
Temperature68°F to 83°F
Water Parameters6.5 – 7.0 pH
LightingLow to Moderate
Max Growth Height12 inches

Cryptocoryne Undulata is a striking plant that can be found in lowland ponds, and slow-moving waterways in Southeast Asia. They can be identified by their oblong leaves that are wavy, flat, and wide. From a distance, the leaves of the Cryptocoryne Undulata almost look like they have sharper edges than they actually do. In fact, the plant is named for the look of its leaves.

The leaves range in coloration from a darker green to a reddish hue in the home aquarium. You will most likely find this plant in its more brownish form in the wild. This is due to the nutrients and conditions of its environment.

Cryptocoryne Undulata
Cryptocoryne undulata “broad leaves.” Edited. SurfGuard. Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Cryptocoryne Undulata Care

Cryptocoryne Undulata are an easy plant to care for in the home aquarium, and they are a great choice for beginners. They can tolerate a wider range of water conditions, temperatures, and lighting. Cryptocoryne Undulata do not require much extra attention to thrive and look beautiful. They are also easy to propagate and replant. This and its fast maturity make it a great choice to fill your empty aquarium space.

Lighting Requirement

Cryptocoryne Undulata are not picky about its lighting requirements. This versatile plant can live and grow in most lighting levels. This makes them a great addition to the home aquarium as they are compatible with many species of fish. However, like all plants, there is a preferred lighting requirement. If they are kept at around medium intensity lighting, they will display more reddish coloration. In addition, too much bright lighting can slow down the growth of your Cryptocoryne Undulata, or hinder the plant from displaying its beautiful coloration.


Cryptocoryne Undulata can live in temperatures that range from 68F to 83F. This temperature range makes them a great addition to most home aquariums with many species of fish. Cryptocoryne Undulata are sensitive to shock, and this plant is not recommended to be uprooted and replanted. The shock from this process can cause damage to your plant, cause it to wilt, or cause the plant to rot and die. Thankfully, this plant is easy to propagate, and you can plant the trimmings in the substrate where you would like other Cryptocoryne Undulata plants to take root and grow.

Water pH

Cryptocoryne Undulata does require their water parameters to remain around 6.5 to 7.0 pH to grow and thrive. This makes them great for freshwater aquariums.

Growth Rate

Crytocoryne has a rather quick growth rate. Baby plants can reach full maturity at 3 to 5 months. Keeping this plant in optimum conditions will encourage it to grow much more quickly.

Growth Height

Cryptocoryne Undulata can grow up to 12 inches tall but can be trimmed to around half that height if desired. Cryptocoryne Undulata reach their maximum height at around 3 to 5 months of age, so you will not have to wait very long for your plant to grow into its beauty.

CO2 Requirement

Cryptocoryne Undulata plants do not require CO2 injections to grow and thrive. Like most plants, they benefit from some fertilization, but it is unnecessary.


It is fairly easy to propagate Cryptocoryne Undulata. Once your plant has matured, you will be able to see runners coming from close to the core of the plant. Just pick the runner that you wish to become its own plant, cut it, and plant it in your substrate. Soon you will be able to see the plant growing roots, and in less than 6 months, you will have another mature plant.

Where Can I Find Cryptocoryne Undulata for Sale?

If you want to purchase Cryptocoryne Undulata plants for your home aquarium, you can find them in stores and online for around $9 each. The price depends on the size of the plant and coloration, but it does not vary that much.

Types of Cryptocoryne Undulata

Here are the different types of Cryptocoryne Undulata.

Cryptocoryne Undulata Red

Cryptocoryne Undulata Red plants, as their name suggests, are more reddish in coloration, which is very easily seen in their leaves. To achieve this higher level of reddish coloration, it is recommended that they are given CO2 and higher levels of light.  They are equally striking in looks and have the same requirements for care.

Cryptocoryne Undulata Broad Leaves

Cryptocoryne Undulata Broad Leaves refers to the much more broad shape of their leaves. The larger leaves make them much easier to identify from their counterparts. Cryptocoryne Undulata Broad Leaves have the same requirements to thrive.

Cryptocoryne Undulata Brown

Cryptocoryne Undulata Brown is another variation of the Cryptocoryne Undulata plant. Brown leaves for this plant do not necessarily mean that the plant is not doing well. Wild versions of this plant are often found in brown coloration. It has a lot to do with the environment that they are in and the nutrients that are available to the plant as it is growing.

Cryptocoryne Undulata Green

Cryptocoryne Undulata Green refers to the coloration of the plant’s leaves. You can get different colorations out of this plant depending on the conditions in which you are keeping it. You will get more greenish leaves if you keep your plant in lower-level lighting, and do not offer CO2 fertilizing to the plant.

Cryptocoryne Undulata vs. Cryptocoryne Wendtii

It is much easier to tell the difference between these two similar plants when they are grown to maturity fully submerged in the water. Cryptocoryne Undulata Red and Cryptocoryne Wendtii differences are only slight. The main difference is in the shape of the leaves, but you will be able to see the difference in coloration once the plant is fully grown, with Cryptocoryne Wendtii having more red on the stems and the leaves.

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