Maroon Clownfish

Scientific NamePremnas biaculeatus
Common Name(s)Maroon clownfish, Spike-cheeked clownfish
OriginPacific ocean and Eastern Indian Ocean
Temperature Range75-82°F
Water Parameters8-12°C, salinity- 1.020-1.025, pH 8.1-8.4
Adult Size6in
DietAlgae and zooplankton

Maroon Clownfish Facts:

  • The maroon clownfish must be kept single or mated. However, these fishes when kept in mated pairs become quite unruly in defending their mates and the nests.
  • These fishes are responsive to humans and will try to be intimidating with people that they are not familiar with.
  • These fishes can live up to 20 years in internment- which is a very long time when compared to all the other species of fishes.
Maroon Clownfish

Species Overview:

Maroon clownfish is also known as the “Spike-cheeked clownfish” as spines stick out from their cheeks. They are one of the biggest and the most gorgeous clown fish species that can be found. The flourish a maroonish red body with three tapered gold stripes. The females are usually longer about 6.3 inches in length and may grow up to 8 inches, while the males are usually one-third the size of the female; however, they can grow up to 6 inches in length. They have a similar shape to the Ocellaris clownfish nevertheless; they have a number of color variations that include purplish brown, red or maroon and brilliant orange. These fishes can be quite aggressive and territorial with the smaller fishes and will chase around them. So inorder to avoid their aggressive nature, these fishes are usually kept single, the only exception is having a mated pair. They are not kept to exist with the other clownfish as they are known to be extremely ferocious. The maroon clownfish will inhabit the bubble tip anemones (entacmaea quadricolor), carpet anemones, long tentacle anemones and sebae anemones.  These fishes eat anything from brine shrimps to frozen diets; however, a meaty fare is always preferred. As juveniles, they eat up to 4 times per day and as adults their diet goes down to 2-3 times a day. The maroon clownfish are basically two types- white striped which is mainly seen in the Indo-Pacific area and yellow striped which has wide stripes on its body.

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