Ocellaris Clownfish

Scientific NameAmphiprion ocellaris
Common Name(s)ocellaris clownfish, false percula clownfish , common clownfish
OriginPacific ocean and Eastern Indian Ocean
Temperature Range75-82°F
Water ParametersSalinity- 1.020-1.025, pH- 8.0-8.4
Adult Size3in
DietMarine flake food complemented with live and frozen foods, algae, vegetable matter and meaty food.

Ocellaris Clownfish Facts:

1. About 28 species of clownfish exist at the foot of the sea in the midst of the coral reefs. There are just a few fishes which can survive with anemones.

2. Clownfish is not just orange and white in color, they are found in different colors like black, red, maroon and yellow.

3. These fish are omnivores and eat small invertebrates which may be harmful to the anemones. They can also survive on leftovers of the anemones, algae, mollusks and plankton.

Ocellaris Clownfish

Species Overview:

The Ocellaris clownfish is one of the most famous marine fish in the aquarium industry. It flaunts a beautiful orange colored body with white stripes that are outlined with black. It is known as the perfect beginner fish. They have 10 dorsal spines and their eye color is black around the pupil. These fishes can be easily found in oceans and can be tank raised as well. It is very resilient and not very violent and basically very easy to take care off.  When talking about clownfish, how can we forget “Nemo” from the animated movie “Finding Nemo”? That is when this species of fish actually gained a lot of popularity. A black mutate of the clownfish species does exist as well. The Ocellaris clownfish can co-exist with almost all the saltwater species which are not very violent and the ones which are not big enough to eat the clownfish up. Also, they shall not be kept with small shrimps as they may consider them food and eat them up.  The anemones compatible with these fishes are heteractis magnifica, stichodactyla mertensil and stichodactyla gigantea. They breed in tropical waters and reproduce by means of external fertilization. The Ocellaris clownfish has originated from the western part of Pacific Ocean to Australia and the eastern part of the Indian Ocean.

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