Clown Triggerfish

The Triggerfish are the silent hunters of the aquarium world. Their sleek, oval shape with large head and protruding teeth make these guys a favorite fish to own. These Triggers can be difficult to keep for the beginner but worth the effort for as established tank.

Badis Badis Care: The Dwarf Chameleon Fish

Badis Badis is a small predatory fish that feeds on a variety of tiny invertebrates such as worms and insect larvae. The coloration of these fish can intend entirely on the mood of the fish – when comfortable, it can be extremely rich and vibrantly colored. They hold a lot of value for some people as not only are they strong aquatic pets to have, but they make brilliant breeding partners due to their immense colorization abilities.

Queen Angelfish (Holacanthus Ciliaris): Ultimate Care Guide

The Queen Angelfish has a very boxy looking body with their dorsal and anal fins trailing behind them. They are a magnificent sight in the water with their beautiful coloration. Queen Angelfish are bright blue and yellow. You can identify them by a bright blue disc on their forehead with little blue spots around it. It gives the Queen Angelfish the appearance that it is wearing a crown on its head, and this is the reason it got its name. Their bodies are mostly their vibrant yellow with tints of blue all over. They also have a completely yellow tail. Juvenile Queen Angelfish much like other species of Angelfish are a completely different color than they are when they mature.

Maroon Clownfish (Premnas Biaculeatus): Ultimate Care Guide

A more popular choice in the aquarium is the Maroon clownfish, also known as Premnas biaculeatus. This is because of they are easy to care for and have a very unique look to them. Cute and easy to manage, the maroon clownfish stands out in any tank due to its colors and spots. These maroon clownfish have a lot of variations to them and make wonderful additions to anyone’s aquarium.

Sailfin Pleco (Pterygoplichthys gibbiceps): Ultimate Care Guide

Sailfin Pleco may seem appealing for many aquarists, regardless of skill level. Their unique pattern makes them a popular choice. When considering the addition of a fish to a tank, or a first-time purchase of a fish and a tank, one must always consider the ease of raising their preferred species. The size of a fully-grown Sailfin Pleco is the biggest hurdle one must cross when owning one.

Aquarium Heater Guide (Aquarium Heater Size Chart)

Maintaining proper temperature in an aquarium is very important for the well-being of your fish. An aquarium heater ensures that the water temperature is maintained at a desirable range. Without a heater, some fish will not be able to survive in an aquarium, especially during the winter seasons. Some fish have very specific temperature requirements, …

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Neon Tetra: Care, Disease, Breeding, Albino & Gold Types

Neon Tetra has a light blue back over a silver colored abdomen. It has an iridescent blue stripe that runs horizontally along each side of the fish, starting at the nose and ending at the adipose fin. They also have a red iridescent stripe that begins in the middle of their body and extends to the base of the caudal fin. The neon tetra is partially transparent, the fins too. Female Neon Tetras are usually bigger, can be identified by their rounder bellies, and a bent iridescent stripe rather than the male’s straight one. At night time, as the Neon Tetra rests, the red and blue stripes become gray and black. The color becomes vibrant again once the Neon Tetra becomes active in the morning.