A Guide to Feeding Koi

Feeding koi is enjoyable, and many koi owners consider feeding the most enjoyable aspect of owning koi fish. As soon as you walk towards the pond, the koi will gather around you in hopes of getting a treat. Many find feeding koi fish a relaxing activity. While feeding koi can be entertaining, keep in mind

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Koi Fish (Scientific Name: Cyprinus rubrofuscus)

Koi Fish Care: Guide to Keeping Nishikigoi

Koi is a cold-water fish and originate in Central Europe and East Asia. They are hardy and highly adaptable. Likewise, the domesticated Nishikigoi can be acclimated to various climates and water conditions. Koi fish and Goldfish have the same ancestor, the carp. They have similarities with some varieties of Goldfish such as the Common Goldfish and Comet Goldfish. They can have similar body shape and color. This makes it difficult to tell the difference between the two as juvenile or fry. One obvious feature that distinguishes the Goldfish and Koi fish is the presence of prominent barbels on the lips.

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