Splash Tetra (Copella Arnoldi): Ultimate Care Guide

Common NameSplash Tetra
Scientific NameCopella Arnoldi
OriginSouth America
Water Parameters6.5 – 7.5 pH
Temperature73F – 79F
Sizeup to 3.5 inches
DietOmnivorous Micro Predator

Splash Tetras can be found in South America in blackwater tributaries and more slow moving waters that branch from the larger fast moving waters. These fish are incredibly small.

Splash Tetras have a more olive green colored body with a lighter coloration to their underbelly. Their tail fin has a clear coloration, and their dorsal fin shows some orange and black. They have an upturned mouth that appears rather large in comparison to the smallness of its body, but perhaps most shocking of all characteristics of this little fish is the pointed teeth that can be found in their mouth.

Splash Tetra
Splash Tetra

Splash Tetra Care

Splash Tetras are considered easy to care for due to their hardy nature, and easy ability to breed. The biggest problem you will have with Splash Tetras is not with their care, but in finding them to purchase in the first place. They are rarely found for sale, and when they are, they aren’t available for long.

As far as care requirements go, Splash Tetras do not require a lot of special attention to keep content and healthy.


Splash Tetras should be kept in a range of around 73F to 79F. It is important to make sure that you are making it a habit to check your water parameters regularly so that you can correct any issues that arise before they affect your fish.

Water pH

Splash Tetras require their water to stay in the range of 6.5 to 7.5 pH.

Splash Tetra Size

Splash Tetras are very small, shoaling fish that can be a great choice for people who are limited on space, but still want to keep amazing fish. These little fish do not reach more than 3.5 inches at full maturity. The females usually only grow to be about 2.75 inches long at full maturity.

Food and Diet

In the wild, Splash Tetras spend their time searching out small invertebrates, tiny crustaceans, and unfortunate insects that fall in the water. In the home aquarium, you can expect your Splash Tetra to readily consume most types of food that you offer it. It is important for the health of this little fish that you provide it with a high quality, varied diet of protein rich foods.


When properly cared for, Splash Tetras can live anywhere from 3 to 5 years with some owners reporting that their fish have lived slightly longer. The key to the longevity, health, and happiness of these small fish lies in how well they are cared for.

Tank Size

Splash Tetras are a tiny, shoaling species that prefers to live in a grouping of at least 6 fish. To do this, you will need to house them in a tank that is at least 15 gallons. However, if you have more space for a larger tank they would appreciate it.

Tank Setup

Splash Tetras are a small species that prefers many places to hide and explore. It is important to note that Splash Tetras are accomplished jumpers, and you should make sure that you have a tight fitting lid so that you don’t have any jump out. They are accepting of most setups for their aquarium, but take care when choosing tank mates as they are small, and will stress out easily with much larger fish.


It is quite easy to get your Splash Tetras to breed in the home aquarium. The most important thing to do is to set up their habitat in a way that mimics their natural environment. Plants that are planted in the water and grow out over top of the water line will provide them with this effect nicely.

When the fish are ready to spawn, the male will decide where he wants the spawning location to be by jumping out of the water. Once he has chosen the perfect place he will then lead the female to it, and they will jump out of the water together and target the plant leaves that they wish to place their eggs. The female fish does not provide any parental care to her offspring, but the male fish will use his tail to fling water towards his eggs to keep them moist.

Splash Tetra Male and Female

The easiest way to tell the difference between Splash Tetra males and females is to wait till they mature. The male will be longer than the female, and the female will be more rounded due to being full of eggs.


Splash Tetras are susceptible to many of the same diseases as other freshwater fish. They can become ill from parasites, fungal, and bacterial infections. Most of these ailments are caused by poor care in both environment and feeding. Maintain a regular cleaning schedule and feed a high quality diet to keep your fish healthy and happy.

Splash Tetra Tank Mates

Splash Tetras are considered a peaceful species that will do well with other small fish of the same type. They do best when housed with fish that are roughly the same size such as Corydoras and other blackwater Tetras. They do not do well with larger species as they will intimidate the smaller Splash Tetras and stress them out, compete for food, or see them as a potential meal.

Where Can I Find Splash Tetra for Sale?

If you are lucky enough to find Splash Tetra for sale somewhere that place will likely be online from a breeder. These fish are popular and do not come up for sale often. If they do, they sell out quickly. You can expect to pay around $7 to $10 dollars per fish.

What Are Red Splash Tetra?

Red Splash Tetra are simply Splash Tetras that have a reddish coloration to them. This coloration shows up sometimes in spots along the body of the fish.

What Are Spotted Splash Tetra?

Spotted Splash Tetras are Splash Tetras that have spots along their bodies. They are similar to Splash Tetras in all other aspects of care, just differ in color.

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