Vallisneria Spiralis: Ultimate Care Guide

Using plants in an aquarium or tank is one of the easiest ways to make your mark on your setup. Many plants are extremely versatile, meaning you can set them up in any way you want and create a truly unique and interesting tank. Adding plants to your tank is also very helpful to some of the species you may have. Some fish are very timid or nervous and prefer to spend their time hiding in and among plants. If you have some of these shy fish, then perhaps Vallisneria Spiralis is the perfect plant for you to add to your tank.

Vallisneria is a type of extremely common flora that can be found in nearly every continent on the earth. It can be found in both tropical and sub-tropical locations across Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Australia, and Europe. However, Vallisneria Spiralis is endemic to Europe and the Southern United States. Across the world, Vallisneria is known by several different names, such as Eelgrass, Val, Vallis, Jungle Val, and Tape Grass. While its origins likely date back hundreds of years, Vallisneria was first described by Carl Linnaeus in the year 1753. He named the plant after Italian physician, medical scientist, and naturalist Antonio Vallisneria. Because Vallisneria Spiralis is indigenous to several different types of climates worldwide, it means that then when in a tank setting, it can survive in a wide range of conditions. Vallisneria Spiralis Is the perfect plant for those aquarists who are just beginning their journey and even for those who have been doing this for years. Truly anyone can grow Vallisneria Spiralis in their tank with just a small bit of research and preparation.

Vallisneria Spiralis Care

Growing Vallisneria Spiralis is very easy, so much so that nearly anyone can do it. It is known to be very hardy, which makes it the perfect plant for various types of aquascaping. Vallisneria Spiralis is commonly used as a background plant, its thick, wavy growth creating the ideal hiding spot for skittish fish. You can grow your Vallisneria Spiralis under low light settings, but it definitely prefers more light. If given adequate light, your Vallisneria Spiralis will have much more thick and darker green growth. They can also survive in a wide range of both pH and temperature conditions. Another feature that makes Vallisneria Spiralis so easy to care for is that most fish won’t nibble on it. Vallisneria Spiralis doesn’t taste very good to most nibbling fish species, which means they’ll avoid taking a bite out of it.

Vallisneria Spiralis
Vallisneria Spiralis. Edited. Lara Gudmundsdottir, CC BY-SA 4.0

Lighting Requirement for Vallisneria Spiralis

Lighting is essential to all species of both flora and fauna, usually found in tank settings. Vallisneria Spiralis prefers moderate plant lights. With a bit of extra light, your Vallisneria Spiralis will be more dense and green. You can grow Vallisneria Spiralis in low light, but it won’t grow as tall. Lower light levels tend to slow the vertical growth of the Vallisneria Spiralis.

Temperature for Vallisneria Spiralis

Vallisneria Spiralis is a somewhat hardy species of aquatic plant; this means it can survive in a wider array of temperature conditions than some other frequently used marine flora. Despite being able to survive in a wider range of temperatures, Vallisneria Spiralis still has a preferred temperature range. If you want to ensure your Vallisneria Spiralis is both healthy and happy, be sure that your tank stays between 68 to 76 degrees Fahrenheit. Most aquarists recommend a temperature of around 72 degrees Fahrenheit for best growth. If your tank drops below 65 degrees Fahrenheit, your Vallisneria Spiralis will begin to brown and won’t recover unless the temperature is remedied quickly.

pH for Vallisneria Spiralis

pH is very important in tanks, but some tend to overlook the importance of pH for the flora in your tank. Vallisneria Spiralis prefers a pH level between 6.5 to 8.5. Routine checks can ensure that you keep the pH within that range. Any slight fluctuations can detrimentally affect any species in your tank. Some species of Vallisneria have been known to die if their pH is below 6.0.

Growth Rate for Vallisneria Spiralis

Vallisneria Spiralis is not a fast-growing plant species. In most cases, it’ll take about a year for your Vallisneria Spiralis to be fully grown. Keep in mind that your Vallisneria Spiralis will grow even slower if it is not kept in optimal tank conditions.

Growth Height for Vallisneria Spiralis

As you may know, Vallisneria Spiralis doesn’t grow very fast at all. It takes months for Vallisneria Spiralis to reach its maximum height. If grown in ideal conditions, your Vallisneria Spiralis will reach a height of 30 to 36 centimeters or 12 to 14 inches.

CO2 Requirement for Vallisneria Spiralis

Vallisneria Spiralis does not require any CO2 for healthy growth. All the nutrients that this plant needs should be acquired through photosynthesizing and fertilizers. However, you can inject CO2 into your aquarium to help promote healthy and full growth.

Vallisneria Spiralis
Vallisneria Spiralis. Edited. Lamiot, CC BY-SA 4.0

Vallisneria Spiralis Propagation

Vallisneria Spiralis is a great choice for those who haven’t tried propgating a plant. This is because there are several different methods of propagating Vallisneria Spiralis, and they all have a high success rate. These methods of propagating are known as spore division, leaf division, which is also known as cutting, and rhizome division, where your split or divide the plant. All three of these options have their own unique requirements to help with healthy growth.

How to trim Vallisneria Spiralis?

Trimming is important for your Vallisneria Spiralis if you use it as decoration. You need to trim it every two weeks between April and November; this tends to be the growing season. You can trim away dead or dying stems. Also, be careful to not trim away more than a third of the overall length of your Vallisneria Spiralis.

Where can I find Vallisneria Spiralis for Sale?

You should be able to find Vallisneria Spiralis for purchase at your local fish and aquarium store. If you can’t find Vallisneria Spiralis locally, plenty of websites online sell it. On average, a Vallisneria Spiralis sells for around $5.99.

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