Catfish: Types of Aquarium Catfish (Plecos, Corys, & More)

Catfish are a type of freshwater fish that are typically found in rivers and lakes, and they are often kept in aquariums. They have a flat body with a long tail, and their skin is covered in scales. They are known for their whiskers, which they use to help them find food. While they are typically bottom-dwellers, some species can be found swimming in the middle or top of the water column.

Catfish are diverse group of fish and they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Some can grow to a very large size, and not all species are suitable for aquariums. However, there are also many aquarium catfish species that do not grow too large and can be kept in a fish tank. These fish are scavengers and help to keep the aquarium clean by eating leftover food and waste. Some popular aquarium catfish include plecos, corydoras, and a variety of other catfish species.

Cory Catfish

Corydoras are a member of the catfish family and are known for their unique barbels, or whiskers, on their faces. Corydoras are typically bottom-dwellers and are often found in schools. They are peaceful fish and do well in community tanks. Corydoras are omnivorous and will eat a variety of foods, including pellets, flakes, and live foods.


Plecostomus, also known as plecos, are a type of catfish with sucker-like mouth that they use to attach to rocks and other surfaces. There are over 150 species of plecos, and many of them are kept in aquariums. They come in various shapes and colors, and many of them are popular as aquarium fish due to their scavenging habits and their ability to help keep the tank clean.

Other Aquarium Catfish Species

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